Posted by: davidefast | May 1, 2010

Jackson Outlaws

Headding to the Jackson, MN World of Outlaw race right now. I’ll have updates and results once the show gets started!

Posted by: davidefast | April 22, 2010

NFL Draft night

Woot draft night!!!

Posted by: davidefast | October 28, 2009

Fall / Winter Sports

Well the College football season is well over half way done now.  It’s been quite the year for NCAA football fans who live here in Iowa.   The Iowa Hawkeyes are still undefeated and sitting 4th in the BCS standings.  ISU is playing as a team and is in prime position for bowl eligibility.   UNI has struggled the past few weeks, but should get back on the winnning track this week.   Finally the Drake Bulldogs are sitting atop the Pioneer football league standings.

NCAA Basketball is about to start up full time for the 09-10 season.  Being a Drake fan, I’m not 100% sure how the Bulldogs will be this year as young as the team is but I’m excited to see what happens.   This is Josh Young’s final season with Drake, and I can’t wait to how his career finishes.   Before the year is over, he should end up with a few all time Drake records.


Posted by: davidefast | August 4, 2009

Hokay maybe I should blog more often

Holy crap I haven’t blogged since the ROAR Nats.  Guess time flies buy and you forget about OG blogs when Twitter is so much easier.

Also I really haven’t had anything to rant about this summer.  I’m sure that will change at some point……

In the mean time Auto-tune the news for the lulz 😀

Posted by: davidefast | June 24, 2009

ROAR Off Road Nationals

This week starting today the ROAR Off Road Electric Nationals begin.  I’ll be heading over to Omaha tomorrow to participate in controlled practice.  Friday begins the first round of qualifying and everything ends Sunday with the mains.

Hopefully the group of us here in Des Moines represent our race community well!

Here is to good luck!


Posted by: davidefast | May 7, 2009

Jose Canseco, the Dick Tracy of steroids?

Who knew when Jose Canseco started flapping his mouth about riods a few years back that he would be so right about so many of the players he spoke about.

Bye bye ManRam.  Dumbass,0,6324894.story

Posted by: davidefast | May 7, 2009

311’s ‘Hey You’ Video Premier

See it here today:

Posted by: davidefast | April 30, 2009


Nerd Alert Nerd Alert!  History of the Internet:

Posted by: davidefast | April 29, 2009

Rondo is a punk

No flagrant foul called, no suspensions handed out……k……………..
Rondo is a punk This is a picture of Rondo going for the ball in Game 5 of the Bulls and Celtics…….Yeah ok…..I’m glad I don’t waste my time watching the NBA anymore this reason alone is enough to prove the league is a complete joke.

Posted by: davidefast | April 24, 2009

311’s new Album out June 2

One of my favorite all time bands is releasing another album coming this June.

The first single “Hey You” is available now. Check it out!


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